Ranooth’s Top 10 Games of 2012

Well it is the end of the year and I have played some kick ass games this year, so why not! This is my top 10 games that came out in 2012 that I have actually played and enjoyed.

Honourable mentions

Black Mesa, DayZ, Endless Space

Seriously go play all three, they are tonnes of fun.

Number 10


Number10Syndicate was a flop, I accept that but as a life long fan of the series I loved it! The setting, atmosphere and mood of the future was really well done, the gameplay had some really interesting additions to the bog standard gun and run formula, the music was fantastic and the co-op was one of the most fun experiences I have had in multiplayer. It’s not the longest game in the world and the story is very predictable but for a few quid it is a fantastic ride!

Number 9


Damm it’s about time survival horror came back. After laughing a tonne at Resident Evil 6 playing this generally made me scared of zombies all over again and I loved it! Although a little buggy (it is a launch title after all) the game really does well to build up tension and an almost claustrophobic feel which really delivers. Ubisoft did well to make the WiiIU GamePad feel like a necessity to stay alive rather than a last minute add on.

Number 8

Hitman: Absolution

It’s been a wait since Blood Money but Absolution is a brilliant addition to the Hitman franchise, the game manages to keep the old feel of quietly planning and taking down targets and yet jazz it up with a much more action based story. A lot of people have complained about the disguise system which I do agree with (how can every cop in a city know each other perfectly?) but it was a really good step in the right direction and made sneaking up perfectly on and assassinating a target even more thrilling.

Number 7

Borderlands 2

This list needs more WUB WUB!

Borderlands 2 had me smiling from the very first minute with its witty charm, brilliant dialogue and hilarious set pieces. I really enjoyed the first and this sequel really improved a lot of areas without losing what made the original so great to play. Sadly I haven’t had much time playing as part of a group (forever alone!) but just on the singleplayer experience alone Borderlands 2 is a brilliant return to Pandora.

Number 6


Simply put this is pure Nintendo enjoyment squeezed into a game that anyone can pick up and enjoy. Every single time my parents visit or if I’m at my in-laws I’m always asked to set up my WiiU and get NintendLand on, and every single time it’s a blast! Each game really uses the gamepad in a really awesome way and I can’t wait to see what others do with it while having these great little games as examples.

Number 5

The Walking Dead

At the time of writing I am about to start the final chapter, and I really cannot wait. This was the last game I picked this year and wow it’s been a ride. As I’ve grown with games I find it harder and harder to actually care about the characters I’m playing as and with, but The Walking Dead got me. Brilliant writing coupled with a brilliant sense of atmosphere really make the game a pleasure to experience but the real star of the show is how the game makes every decision you make feel so important.

Number 4

Mechwarrior Online

The best multiplayer experience I have had this year hands down. Now the game still technically isn’t out (it’s in Open Beta) and a lot of people seem focused on the other first person mech game but MWO is a joy to play. The game features brilliant customization options that helps make every mech feel unique and finding the loadout that is perfect for you is a very fun adventure. In battles the game throws a lot at you forcing you and your team to work together which I applaude and the sense of community on the forums is very welcoming to see.

Number 3

X-Com: Enemy Unknown

I love X-Com, I love top down tactical shooters, I love Fraxis. This was a match made in heaven!

X-Com: Enemy Unkown was a brilliant reboot to the series while we await the fate of the other X-Com game and gave something back to gaming that we haven’t had in a long time: brutal but fair difficulty. It’s very easy to make a game that is hard but unfair but to make one as brilliantly balanced as X-Com was is a miracle these days. The game did a wonderful job with balancing management and combat and really made you feel like you had the power to save what you could.

Number 2

Sleeping Dogs

This absolute beauty came from nowhere! Sure there had been mentions in the media and a few screenshots but you gotta admit that Sleeping Dogs really was a sleeper hit.

Taking what was popular with the GTA franchise and adding various tweaks and suitable additions made this a fantastic game to just have fun with. The story was great, the missions were memorable and the driving mechanics were very tight. Square Enix also did a good job in making the city feel alive and I often felt compelled to just explore and see what I could find.

Number 1


If you follow me on Twitter then you knew this was gunna be on top.

I really can’t praise this game enough. I had been looking forward to it as a I was a massive Thief fan back in the day but when I started Corvo’s redemption I found it impossible to put down. The game gives you some tools, an objective and then let’s you decide how your going to do it – that for me is near enough the pure essence of fun! A game that gives you a set of laws to play by but lets you make the rules.
I could go about how brilliant the atmosphere is, or how awesome and god like the powers make you feel or even how incredible the writing is but I won’t. All I will say is that Dishonored really is a triumph in modern gaming and you owe it to yourself to at least try the pure epicness that it contains.

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