Unity Prototypes

  • July 22, 2012
  • Unity Prototypes

A collection of different small prototypes made in Unity

Unity Arcade Ball Game

After two years of using Uscript and LUA I started using the Unity Engine and coding in JavaScript. I really enjoyed using this new engine, I find it a lot better for smaller prototypes and getting gameplay mechanics across then UDK which is more for bigger, shinier productions. I was tasked with using an existing template to make a game, the template was a ball on a moveable plane controlled by arrow keys.

As this was my first time using Unity and JavaScript I started small and made a basic arcadic game where the player has to run over targets. Although basic the game can be a little addicitive, I hope to return to it in future, add in leader-boards, tilt controls and port it to mobile devices.

Unity Pinball Game

This project was based about improving an existing pinball templete. I will admit I was a little stumped coming up with ideas, pinball tables exist for everything and I wanted to try something new. After a bit of research I decided to theme my project around the game Ball of Ages and base it around smashing into things and squashing enemies.

The prototype is called Pinball Seige and involves players having to travel up the table to defeat the evil king, very proud of this one.

Unity Literal Tower Defence Game

My last project using an existing framework in Unity was very different, no genre of game was set instead I was given a tower made of blocks that could be knocked down. Instead of making something like Angry Birds I made a prototype where players must actually protect two towers, a literal tower defence game.

This was a tricky project as Unity continuously kept breaking on me and I had time restraints, albeit these problems I’m still happy with the end results.