More Dakka!!

  • More Dakka!!

This was a huge project spanning the entire year, as part of a group we were to plan a game and then create a CGI introduction and a playable level.

I was assigned as producer to a group called More Dakka!!, our game idea was a hardcore top down shoot ’em up about an Ork who’s “Dakka” (weapons) had been stolen. The original plan catered for high paced action mixed with bullet hell like difficulty in a comedic setting.

The project started out well with many good ideas being used however problems arose when creating the actual level and intro cinematic. Despite my best effects motivation in the group was low with many people not bothering to work or communicate. This really hindered progress and was extremely aggravating as I knew that people in the group had the talent. In the end it came down to a handful of us creating what we could and showcasing it, as you may imagine it was of poor quality and I am extremely disappointed with it.

However as the year went by we were asked to create a wiki that would be used as a design and level document as well as recording what the group was up too, as producer I was solely in charge of this. The wiki itself got very high marks and was seen as best in the year, producers from other games in the year have confessed that they used my work as a guide while writing up theres.

Everything on there bar the attack patterns is written by myself while the artwork comes from our highly talented concept artists (credits below). Despite this module being extremely stressful I am proud of the wiki I produced and I learnt a few lessons on motivation and getting a team of people to work.

A .pdf version of the wiki can be found here.

Artwork by Adam Grant and Gagan Singh.

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