Home Bear Series

  • March 23, 2013
Home Bear Series

A fun, child friendly series of games for mobile devices that I produced and designed

My first position in the games industry after university and it was safe to say I was thrown in the deep end.

Commanding a small team and budget we had six weeks to create our first game, Home Bear. The game had originally been made in HTML 5 but fell into problems during testing so we had decided to raze everything with fire and start over keeping nothing but the design document.

Despite the tight deadlines I found it quite fun managing the team and ensuring everything was on schedule, due to the small nature of the young team I did not spend too much time with documentation and adopted a more hands on and short term approach for reaching goals and making sure we would meet our deadlines. Due to the great spirit from the team and my ability to jump on and help work on anything that needed doing we completed the game on time (with a few days crunch) and released it just in time for Christmas.

Home Bear had a bit of slow launch due to our neglect on marketing but sales slowly did pick up thanks to monthly updates that we provided for free. We also started toying with sequels to the game based on seasons of the year and tested this idea by releasing a Winter version of the game based on some of the released DLC to Android. This version struggled even with a reduced price so we went back to the drawing board and started work on Home Bear Spring.

The Spring version of the game we felt had to have more than just some new levels so we redesigned parts of the engine and included new mechanics and items, we also updated the visuals with a more 50s based look which I adore.

The games are free to download and enjoy on iOS and Android, and more info can be found at www.home-bear.com.