The Labotanist – GGJ 2012

  • The Labotanist – GGJ 2012

Entry for Global Games Jam 2012, The Labotanist

I love Global Games Jam, it’s a great place to make new friends, test your skills and make some really interesting prototypes.

Last year I was part of a group made up of myself and 3 artists, that didn’t go too well. I still saw myself as a level designer and due to lack of any scripting talent in the group we made a mediocre board game (Infection), thankfully I didn’t walk away with nothing that year. It was when I tried my hand at leading and at being a producer and I loved it!!

I really looked forward to the 2012 Games Jam and was rewarded with a team of good friends who were heavily talented in many diverse skills. Working with the theme of Ouroboros we created a 3D tower defence game centered around the death and birth of plants called “The Labotanist”.

I took the helm as producer and project leader as well as helping to design and balance core aspects of the gameplay, I also recorded and mixed sounds for the game (something I have never done before) and couldn’t be prouder of the end result. The team gave it their all and I cannot thank them enough for the determination and passion they poured into this endeavor.

Even when the 48 hour time limit was up we had a lot more to put in and so we have continued to work on it in the past 2 weeks, production has slowed due to university work but I am confident that after deadlines the team will be eager to jump back onto this project and make it into something even better then it is now.

More information on the game, how to play it and downloads can be found on the Games Jam Website.

The Team

Bradley James
David Knight
Helen McAvoy
Adam Grant
Gagan Singh

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