Facebook Game Business Plan & NDA Legal Document

  • Facebook Game Business Plan & NDA Legal Document

A mock business and start up plan with legal document for a games company specializing in Facebook games over a three year period

It’s no lie that I have huge passion for business and so I really enjoyed writing this business plan. I was tasked with creating a business plan and filming a pitch for a venture based around gaming.

I’ve had a lot of experience in college with business plans and had some knowledge on what goes on behind the scenes for a Facebook game and so was able to come up with a very detailed plan.

My video pitch could’ve gone a little better and is something I need to improve on, I’m fine speaking infront of a crowd of people however I seem to freeze up when in front of a camera, hopefully the awesome box suit makes up for this.

The business plan can be read here and the video pitch can be found below.



As well as creating a business plan around gaming I was also tasked with creating a legal document that would accompany it. I have little knowledge with writing legal documents but knew a lot about NDAs from game betas that I have been a part of. Although a little wordy I believe this document is airtight and effective for my Facebook business idea.

You can read the NDA here.

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