An Investigation into Production Methods with Quality Assurance and Game Testing

  • An Investigation into Production Methods with Quality Assurance and Game Testing

Final Year Dissertation centered around games testing, how it is applied in industry and how various problems can be solved

My final year dissertation for university based around looking at the methods and practises used in computer games testing, analyzing patterns and any potential problems and then solving said problems with a range of different researched ideas and tactics.

This project spanned the entire academic year with myself using many different techniques to research and find out what was truly going on in the industry and come up with ways to fix problems that I had found and enhance the general testing process. I quizzed people from the industry, studied player reactions to certain events in the industry, read various books, journals and online sources on many different topics associated with what I was doing and even conducted an experiment with some very interesting results.

The dissertation includes sections such as:

The history of QA and games testing
The different types of testing used on computer games
Myth vs Reality
Production methodologies used in the games industry
How game betas are conducted
Problems caused by inferior testing

While writing this I did go over my academic word count (I did ask for a limit of about 22k words but was only granted 17k) so I did sadly have to cut some content. I’m hoping to rewrite sections in the near future with the cut content included. For now though the dissertation can be read here.

Following on from my dissertation,  I created a small production document detailing what I had found as well as ideas and methods that can be applied to the current testing process to increase productivity and worker motivation. After handing it in I converted it into an eBook and got it published on several online retailers for free!

I am really proud of this piece of work, as I’ve said I am very passionate about games testing and having something that people can read which can help testing in most games is just a fantastic feeling.

The book can be read here as a PDF or in a range of different formats for eBook readers and other handheld devices at a range of different online bookshops. The buttons below will help you further:

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Production Methodologies, Techniques and Guidelines for Modern Computer Game Testing - Ashley Morgan
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