Lucid: Prelude

Yesterday I released my first ever non-academic game! Well it’s more of a demo and beta but still counts!

Lucid is the interactive fiction game that I plan to have released in the near future, it puts players in the shoes of a Harry Greenfield and throws him into a world of broken perception and questioning sanity. Although interactive fiction games aren’t the most popular thing in the world right now I decided to go this route to it being easier to make as I am only a one man army with no modelling skills and because it allows the player to use his/her imagination instead of having it spoon fed to them.

Lucid: Prelude is the opening of Lucid and serves as a taster of what is to come as well as a chance for me to see if my writing style works and to squash any bugs early that may ruin the experience. It can be downloaded or played in browser at, and as this is a beta any and all feedback is extremely welcome.

I should have some more news on the next installment in the coming weeks.

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