Getting Beyond the Final Boss

Bullying happens sadly, and it really isn’t a shock to let you know that I was bullied quite a bit during my childhood.

It was horrid. I hated getting up in the morning and feared for my safety and well-being the second I got on the bus to high school. It shaped me into what I am today – to this day I still have a issues trusting other people (although I really do not show it with my insanity 😛 )

My years at high school were some of the worst I ever faced and sadly the story is the same for thousands of children around the around both young and old and if it were up to me they would not share the same fate.

Beyond the Final Boss is a collection of stories and experiences from members of the game design community in an attempt to spread awareness of the problems we faced and to help show children suffering now that it does actually get better.

I was lucky enough to be interviewed and have my story put up on there, you can read it here. Please also look at the other profiles, some truly inspiring accounts on there.

For the record I am not a violent person and I believe that many of life’s conflicts can be settled with words and not fists. However I was driven with anger and struck back, that fight is something I am not proud of and in the end it hurt me more.

Funny enough I’ve been told “Kid X” is currently studying to get into the games industry; it would be interesting to catch up with and bury the hatchet.

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