Codenames people!!

Yesterday we had our first confirmation the Microsoft is working on a new console, shock horror I know.

The thing that is REALLY getting to me is people calling it the “Xbox 720” . . . WHY?! THAT DOESN’T EVEN MAKE SENSE!!!

“Xbox” as a name worked as it was DirectX in a box, the “Xbox 360” worked as a successor name as 360 represents a whole circle – the console can do anything entertainment wise making it a “whole entertainment package”, also the curvy asthetic worked in the interface and gave it a next gen feel.

“Xbox 720” is just 360 doubled. It makes no sense! Is it double the console, or two 360’s combined?! We didn’t call the “Gamecube” the “Nintendo 128” when that was being developed, just doubling the number doesn’t mean anything. If it’s the way the media is handling new names for unannounced consoles shouldn’t we skip 4 and 5 and call the next Sony console the “Playstation 6”?

The next Microsoft has a codename, it’s “Durango”. It’s a cool name and people do like cool sounding codenames (see the Nintendo Revolution), can we all please for the love of god use “Durango” instead of the craptaculer “Xbox 720” before I punch a reporter in the face?!

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