About Me

Hello there, my name is Ash Morgan and I’m a 22 year old Indie Games Producer & Game Testing Consultant.

For as long as I can remember I have always enjoyed technology, in particular video games. I loved playing games on the Sega Mega Drive with my dad or bugging my brother about the newest releases for my Nintendo 64. When I first started using the internet I found like minded people and a whole host of gaming knowledge (as well as some really weird stuff that I won’t mention here). My hobby quickly turned into my passion.

Since high school all I’ve wanted to do was to work in the games industry and this wish still remains today, the idea of making some form of digital media that a person can purchase and enjoy is mind boggling to me. Video games are such a great way of having fun and bringing people together, and the medium grows stronger with each passing year.

Although at first I thought my talents would be put best at a designer position I found a new interest, business. I was usually top of my year in business studies at Sixth Form and I regularly study the practices of firms both large and small. My teachers were shocked when I told them I was going to university to study games design and not business, and to this day I’m still glad I chose games.

In my second year of university I tried my hand at games production and enjoyed it a lot, team members constantly remind me  that I was a good and fair leader, and that I wasn’t too much of a slave driver. Although I loved creating levels, maps and concepts I found myself getting better at the business and production side of the games industry which lead me to my desire to one day be a games producer for top tier designer (or Overlord of Earth, which one comes first).

In the summer of 2011 I got my first job in industry, it was a small testing job for a social game by Soshi Games. It was an unpaid job and I mainly worked from home/uni but it bought out the tester in me (to this day I cannot thank them enough for giving me the opportunity to work with them), this led me to focus my final year dissertation on games testing in the industry as well as learn the various practices and methods used currently in the industry to test games.

After what could be called a crazy last year of university I had ended up writing a book on games testing that can be downloaded for free from all good eBook stores (I really don’t shut up about it to be fair), a passion for games production & testing, a few more testing jobs for smaller iOS developers and a nice shiny Bachelor of Science with first class honours degree. I am now ready for my next adventure in industry and the opportunity to work with awesome people to make some fun and innovative games for people to enjoy.

I set this website up to showcase off my work to the world and to jot down my ramblings about life and the games industry. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me. You can view my CV here.

Games I’ve worked on:

Home Bear Spring – Producer, Designer, Programmer (2013)
Soccer Zillionaire – Producer (2013)
Home Bear Winter – Producer, Designer, Programmer (2013)
Home Bear Lite – Producer, Designer (2012)
Home Bear – Producer, Designer (2012)
Blast Off Billy – Tester (2012)
Greedy Bankers – Tester (2012)
Music Festivals – Tester (2011)